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A wide range of approaches are used to treat drug addiction, with treatment centers often specializing in a particular philosophy or methodology. While some detox and rehab facilities are open to everyone, other treatment centers restrict access based on substance of addiction, age or gender. Gender-based programs are widely available across the United States, with women’s drug rehab programs particularly well represented. Women’s drug rehab programs offer female-friendly psychotherapy protocols and female-exclusive accommodation, with many also employing female counselors and support staff. If you or anyone you know needs to access women’s drug rehab, call the addiction specialists at Drug Treatment Centers Orange at 973-651-0731.

Women’s Drug Rehab Programs

The process of drug treatment is often divided into a few separate yet integrated components. Detox generally takes place at the outset of drug treatment, with clients given the time, space and opportunity they need to stop drug consumption in a safe and supportive environment. A medical detox program is often advised, with medications administered to reduce withdrawal symptoms and manage the recovery process. Behavioral therapies are then applied during rehabilitation, with various approaches used to address the precedents of drug addiction. Women often have different needs and expectations from this process, with practical considerations also influencing gender-based programs.

Women’s rehab regimens may focus on specific environmental and emotional issues, including trauma counseling for domestic violence and sexual abuse, family therapy, parenting support, and mental health concerns. Female treatment programs are also likely to provide female-exclusive accommodation and therapy sessions, with women more comfortable dealing with sensitive issues in a female-exclusive environment.

Trauma Counseling

Trauma has a strong influence on drug and alcohol abuse, with women facing unique issues related to sexual abuse, domestic violence and mental health. Trauma counseling works through these issues in a comprehensive manner, with women more able to change unhealthy behavior patterns when they have a deep understanding of their root cause. Deep seated trauma often leads to mental health problems, with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders known as a dual diagnosis. Women’s rehab programs provide specialized dual diagnosis programs, with some clinics focusing on the links between drug addiction and depression and anxiety disorders.

What is a Dual Diagnosis?

Someone with a dual diagnosis is living with a substance abuse problem and a mental health problem at the same time. These two conditions often influence each other in a complex and bi-directional fashion, with specialized treatment often needed to break the cycle of mental illness and substance abuse. Common dual diagnosis interactions include depression and alcoholism, panic disorder and sedative abuse, and methamphetamine induced psychosis. Women are often affected by dual diagnosis conditions differently than men, with female-friendly therapy programs able to support women throughout the recovery process. Dual diagnosis conditions can be treated in numerous ways, with common treatment patterns including primary treatment, sequential treatment, parallel treatment, and integrated treatment.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a “problem focused” and “action oriented” psychotherapy approach that aims to alter unhealthy behaviors by changing maladaptive emotions and thinking patterns. The CBT approach can be summarized in four distinct steps: identify critical behaviors, determine if behaviors are deficits or excesses, measure behaviors, and change these behaviors. CBT programs have been adapted and used to treat a range of women’s issues, with this therapy proving useful across a range of mental health and substance use disorders.

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