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Opiates are the three naturally occurring alkaloids found in the opium poppy: morphine, codeine, and thebaine. While opioids and opiates are often used interchangeably, opioids also include the semisynthetic drugs made from these alkaloids. Common opioid drugs include heroin, oxycodone, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, fentanyl, methadone and many more. These drugs are highly addictive, with opiate abuse treatment often required to break the bonds of addiction.

Opiate abuse treatment often includes a medical detox period, followed by medication therapy, behavioral therapy and relapse prevention regimes. If you or anyone you know needs to access opiate abuse treatment, call Drug Treatment Centers Orange at 973-651-0731.

What are Opiates?

Opiates are all opioid analgesic alkaloids found in the Papaver Somniferum plant. While a large number of alkaloids are found in trace amounts, the three major psychoactive alkaloids are morphine, codeine and thebaine. While papaverine, noscapine and 24 other alkaloids are also present, they are not considered opiates because they have no effect on the human central nervous system. Opiates are addictive, with a physical-somatic withdrawal syndrome experienced when use is stopped or reduced. Opiate abuse treatment is often needed to help people recovery from opiate drugs, with detox generally followed by medication therapy,
behavioral therapy and relapse prevention.

What are Opioids?

Opioids include opiates and all drugs produced from these alkaloids. Opioids are widely taken to treat acute and chronic pain conditions, with common side effects including respiratory depression, sedation, constipation, and euphoria. Opioid drugs are widely abused for the euphoric and sedative qualities, with these drugs producing tolerance and a physical-somatic withdrawal syndrome upon discontinuation. Commonly abused opioid drugs include oxycodone, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, fentanyl and many more. People develop opioid dependence in two major ways, with some people slowly becoming dependent after years of
medical use and others abusing these drugs on purpose for recreational reasons. Pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy programs are both used to treat opioid abuse and dependence, including opioid replacement therapy.

Opioid Replacement Therapy

Opioid replacement therapy, also known as opioid substitution therapy or methadone therapy, involves the prescription of methadone or buprenorphine as a substitute for heroin and other problematic opioid drugs. This form of therapy is used as a method of harm reduction, with heroin addicts able to avoid the health and legal risks associated with illegal drug use. Opioid replacement therapy is sometimes administered over a long time period, with recovering addicts able to access medications from residential or out-patient clinics. While this therapy does little to address the emotional and environmental precedents of heroin addiction, it does allow addicts to live a safe and more productive live.


Most recovery programs for opioid problems are based on behavioral, cognitive or motivational principles. Typical treatment models include cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational incentives, motivational interviewing, family therapy, 12-step support groups, group counseling, individual counseling and many more. While medication therapy is an important aspect of opioid treatment, behavioral therapies provide people with the opportunity to address the social and emotional issues surrounding addiction.

Relapse prevention programs are also based on cognitive and behavioral methods, with recovering addicts learning how to identify and deal with difficult situations throughout the recovery process. Additional aftercare support services may also be available, with 12-step support groups, SMART recovery and other programs helping people address the psychological and practical challenges that present themselves during recovery.

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