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If you’re suffering from drug abuse or addiction in Orange NY call Drug Treatment Centers Orange for recovery and rehabilitation.

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Drug Treatment Centers Orange 973-651-0731 Alcohol Rehab

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Drug Treatment Centers Orange 973-651-0731 Alcohol Rehab

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Medical Detox

Drug Treatment Centers Orange 973-651-0731 Alcohol Rehab

The main goal in drug abuse prevention is to ensure that a patient not only achieves sobriety, but that their sobriety is life-long.

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Relapse Prevention

Drug Treatment Centers Orange 973-651-0731 Alcohol Rehab

Drug and alcohol rehab can help people with even the most severe cases of addiction overcome the disease.

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Drug Treatment Centers Orange 973-651-0731

Drug Treatment Centers Orange is nationally accredited private rehab facility that with years of experience providing success drive treatment programs for individuals battling addiction. Our expertise is integrating various evidence-based therapies that provide a solid foundation for recovery and sustained sobriety.

At Drug Treatment Centers Orange we recognize that substance abuse and behavioral disorders are complex condition that require comprehensive treatment to remedy. As such, we believe in carefully assessing our patient to be sure we have made an accurate diagnosis of the patient’s physical and psychological health before commencing treatment.

The continuum of care offered at Drug Treatment Centers Orange occurs in a safe, comfortable environment that has been so designed to support and enhance the recovery process. Although the accommodations at Drug Treatment Centers Orange are as luxurious as any five star hotel, they have a homelike ambiance and are fully equipped to handle any medical emergency or treatment procedure. Don’t put yourself in danger attempting to detox alone allow addiction specialists to guide your through recovery and help you manage the risk of relapse. Call Drug Treatment Centers Orange today at 973-651-0731.

The treatment programs offered are derived from both holistic and conventional evidence-based addiction interventions sanctioned by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT), Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and National Register of Evidence-Based Programs (NREPP). We have also received accreditation and the gold star of approval for outstanding addiction treatment from the Joint Commission.

Program offered at Drug Treatment Centers Orange Includes but are not limited to:

  • Medical Detox
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Christian Treatment Programs
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/Moral Reconation Therapy
  • Family Oriented Educational and Counseling programs
  • Alternative treatment interventions such as acupuncture, art therapy, equine therapy, medical massage, yoga and meditation nutritional guidance, Biofeedback and Biosound to name a few.
  • Gender Specific programs such as our Women’s Program
  • SMART Recovery
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Sober Living Community that help patients to make a smooth transition from rehab to their former lives.
  • Various targeted programs that help patients to deal with grief and loss, unresolved trauma, communication in relationships, and anger management, etc.

The basic tenets that drive our treatment philosophy includes:

  1. Providing the right treatment for the right person through accurate diagnosis and program selection.
  2. Monitored detox procedures that are administered by multidisciplinary medical professionals with the qualifications to administer addiction medication and provide emergency medical attention in the event of a medical crisis.
  3. Comprehensive customized treatment programs.
  4. Multiple evidence-based treatment options including dual diagnosis treatment
  5. Relapse prevention education and training
  6. Aftercare planning and other transitional programs

Our treatment programs get to the core issues facing each patient. A careful physical and psychological evaluation enable our addiction specialist to compile a complete treatment profile on every patient. This enables the treatment team to tailor a program that will address the specific issues including and beyond the presenting addiction. When mental disorders are identified as co-occurring conditions with addiction they must be addressed during the rehabilitation process.
Drug Treatment Centers Orange was designed to provide healing for people struggling with addiction. Through our thorough personalized rehabilitation process we provide much more than a temporary respite from the cycles of addiction. We help our patients to establish achievable goals for the future and equip them with the tools and techniques to make those goals a reality in their lives through long term sobriety.

At Drug Treatment Centers Orange we provide drug intervention services that make the journey from addiction to sobriety as easy and painless as possible. Our primary objective is to help addicts and their families to put the horrors of addiction behind them for good. Call Drug Treatment Centers Orange today at 973-651-0731 if you would like to experience freedom from addiction.

About Orange NJ

Orange is located on the Newark and Mount-Pleasant Turnpike. It began as a Connecticut/New Haven Colony. The city was originally founded by 30 families who were seeking to establish a town on the Passayak River. Once established, the town of Orange soon became a busy thoroughfare for travelers. Stages coaches evolved into Omnibuses run by the Morris & Newark Lines that serviced the Orange area. The Morris and Essex Railroad arrived in Orange in November 1836. Its first cars were drawn by horses. The company exist today as the New Jersey Transit Morristown Line. The City of Orange has approximately 32,868 residents who are working to keep the city vibrant and growing. Residents in Orange enjoys many cultural and community events such as their annual gospel festivals.

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